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Cretaceous Park (Cal Orck'o) Short description and top destinations.

Tarabuco Short description and top destinations.

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Destinos por ciudad

Top 10 Destinos Turísticos en Sucre, Bolivia

  1. Villa Abecia

    Villa Abecia

    On the road to Tarija in Bolivia is Higuerayoc or Abecia Village. This valley is ideal for grapevine production and the bathing results have amazingly clean and pure water which attract a lot of visitors.

  2. Tarabuco


    Tarabuco is located at 60 Km. from Sucre, Bolivia. Tarabuco has a very colorful Sunday fair where local residents exhibit outfits, helmets and ponchos of various colors, designs and patterns.

  3. Casa de la Libertad

    Casa de la Libertad

    On August 6, 1825, the freedom fighters of Bolivia assembled in the Casa de la Libertad to declare independence from Spain. You can visit the exact same room where the liberators met. The first Bolivian congresses were held in the Salon de la Independencia, originally a Jesuit chapel.

  4. Glorieta Castle

    Glorieta Castle

    The Castle of la Glorieta in Sucre, Bolivia, is a unique attraction which used to belong to Don Francisco de Argandona. The Castle of la Glorieta was constructed towards the end of the XIX century and exhibits various architectural styles - Mudejar or Mohammedan Style, neoclassic, baroque and neo-gothic.

  5. Chuquisaca Prefecture

    Chuquisaca Prefecture

    For the best view of Sucre, Bolivia, climb up up to the cupola of the wedding cake-like building of the Prefectura de Chuquisaca, next to the cathedral.

  6. Catedral Basilica

    Catedral Basilica

    The Cathedral in Sucre, Bolivia dates from the middle of the 16th century and is a harmonious blend of Renaissance architecture with later Baroque additions. The Catedral Basilica is considered to be the most valuable religious monument of Sucre.

  7. Parque Bolivar

    Parque Bolivar

    Parque Bolivar (Bolivar Park) in Sucre, Bolivia, is an open-air park which has an interesting collection of miniature replicas of famous French monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph and the Obelisk of Buenos Aires. Parque Bolivar is the Sucre's favourite lovers' hangout.

  8. General Cemetery

    General Cemetery

    The general cemetery in Sucre, Bolivia, is one of the best options to go and learn a bit more about the life of known historical and political figures of the past, whose remains rest at this important landmark.

  9. University of San Francisco

    University of San Francisco

    The University of San Francisco in Sucre, Bolivia, was founded on March 27th, 1624 by Padre Juan de Frias Herran.

  10. La Recoleta Convent

    La Recoleta Convent

    La Recoleta Convent dominates the landscape of the city of Sucre in Bolivia, resting at the bottom of the Churuquella mountain. The Look-Out Point of Recoleta is located atop of one of the seven hills where the city of Sucre was actually founded.