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Cobija Short description and top destinations.

Manuripi Short description and top destinations.

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Destinos por ciudad

Top 10 Destinos Turísticos en Bolivia

  1. Manuripi Wildlife Reserve

    Manuripi Wildlife Reserve

    Manuripu Wildlife reserve is an extense area surrounded by rivers, the access in rain season is dificult, the reserve has large variety of fauna, birds specially, the wood extracction is one of the most important activities in the area, beautiful and wild.

  2. Town center of Cobija

    Town center of Cobija

    The panoramic beauty of Cobija seems like a work of art painted by the most capricious and audacious of artists.The main square is one of the most interesting in Bolivia.

  3. Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    From the town one can observe the spectacular confluence of the rivers Tahuamanu and Manuripi. The visitor will be able to appreciate the work done with products such as chestnut and rubber

  4. Porvenir


    The green and cheerful landscapes of Porvenir are impressive. It is possible to practice activities such as photography and fauna and flora observation

  5. Chive


    Chive is a place of unsurpassable beauty with leafy vegetation. It is on the left bank of the grand river Madre de Dios. Here the visitor will be able to admire the beautiful wood work and the splendor of the gold that is abundant in Chive.

  6. Nueva Esperanza or Araras

    Nueva Esperanza or Araras

    The inhabitants of Nueva Esperanza or Araras are dedicated to the exploitation of gold. It is located on the left bank of the Madera River, in an area gifted with beautiful landscapes.

  7. Lago Bay

    Lago Bay

    Lago Bay is a natural reserve of animal species. The bottom of the lake and a large array of fishes can be seen thanks to its crystalline waters.

  8. Cachuela Esperanza

    Cachuela Esperanza

    Cachuela Esperanza is located 43 km far away from Guayaramerín the second most important city in Beni. In this zone there is a very rich flora, fauna and cattle production. It is also well-known for the production of rubber, chestnut and wood.

  9. Conquista


    Conquista was an important barrack for rubber. At present time it is possible to visit the places that brought a lot of wealth to the department. The visitor can also see the tools used to work on the rubber.

  10. Bolpebra


    Bolpebra town is located exactly in the junction of Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. Its name is conformed by the first letters of the three countries.