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Destinos por ciudad

Top 10 Destinos Turísticos en Oruro, Bolivia

  1. Carnaval de Oruro

    Carnaval de Oruro

    El Carnaval de Oruro se celebra como un signo de devoción a la Virgen de Socavon. El Carnaval de Oruro es uno de los mayores eventos culturales y festividades en Bolivia y América Latina.

  2. Parque Nacional Sajama

    Parque Nacional Sajama

    El Parque Nacional Sajama se encuentra al noroeste de Oruro, Bolivia. Cuenta con la imponente montaña nevada de Sajama, lagunas altoandinas, aguas termales y rutas de andinismo.

  3. Coipasa Lake

    Coipasa Lake

    Coipasa is Bolivia's second largest salt flat, in the arid but colourful Altiplano of Bolivia, about 100 miles (160 km) southwest of the city of Oruro, near the Chilean border.

  4. Sanctuary of Socavon

    Sanctuary of Socavon

    Santuario del Socavon is a religious temple of special devotion for the inhabitants of Oruro, where the Candlemas's Virgin is worshipped. The splendid Carnival of Oruro is carried out in her honor.

  5. Lighthouse of Conchupata

    Lighthouse of Conchupata

    Enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Oruro in Bolivia from the national monument called Lighthouse of Conchupata, where the current bolivian national emblem was hoisted for the first time on November 7th, 1851,

  6. San Miguel de la Rancheria Church

    San Miguel de la Rancheria Church

    San Miguel de la Rancheria is one of the oldest churches in the city of Oruro in Bolivia. It keeps paintings and sculptures of enormous sacred value.

  7. La Portada del Beaterio

    La Portada del Beaterio

    La Portada del Beaterio, sculpted in stone, is a pilgrimage center in devotion to its founder, Sister Nazaria March, beatified in 1993. It has a convent where a small museum exists with its founder's belongings.

  8. Yarvicoya Church

    Yarvicoya Church

    The Yarvicoya Church is another remarkable example of the mestizo Baroque art. It is located a few kilometers from Oruro in Bolivia. The church has been declared a national monument.

  9. San Jose mine

    San Jose mine

    The silver, lead and tin that were extracted of the tunnels of San Jose mine were very important for the economy of Bolivia. The mine, located at 5 kilometers from downtown Oruro, began to be exploited two centuries ago.

  10. Vinto


    Vinto is a town located at five kilometers from the city of Oruro in Bolivia. Vinto is the Bolivia's most important industrial center. Vinto has several smelting furnaces used to purify argentiferous metals