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Incahuasi Island - Uyuni, Potosi

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Incahuasi Island
Incahuasi Island Incahuasi Island Incahuasi Island Incahuasi Island

Incahuasi Island or house of the Inca is a usual stop for the tourists visiting the majestic Uyuni Salt Flat. It is part of the Llica and Tahua indigenous communities territory, located 99 kilometers to the southwest of Uyuni Town at 3822 m.a.s.l..

Surrounded by kilometers of salt, Incahuasi Island is situated in the center of the Salt Flat and at its highest point. This makes the island an ideal spot for the tourists to enjoy amazing 360 degree panoramic views of the Uyuni salt flat.

The Island is particularly interesting for being covered by giant cacti (Trichoreus cactus) approximately 700 years old and 10 meters high. The island offers a unique landscape in the middle of this vast white sea.

Incahuasi Island was used as a resting place for the Incas who crossed the lake with llamas loaded with goods for trade in Chile (border about 150 km to the west) and beyond. Set on the remains of a volcano, Incahuasi Island is a rocky formation of basalt and regolith that contains remains of corals and seashells: proof that the vast salt sea was once a sea full of life.


To gain access to the island tourists will need to purchase an entrance ticket (10 Bs.) on the island.

A visit to Incahuasi Island is included in most Uyuni tours, except during the rainy season when it is often inaccessible.