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Serrania del Aguarague - Tarija, Tarija

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Serrania del Aguarague
Serrania del Aguarague Serrania del Aguarague Serrania del Aguarague Serrania del Aguarague

The National Park Amboro presents a great scenic beauty: deep valleys, the torrential rivers and the water falls. It is located at the West of Santa Cruz, among the Ichilo, Manuel Maria Caballero, Florida and Andres Ibanez provinces. The archaeological ruins of Samaipata and the pictographs of the Tunal are located at the South. Surrounding the Area are the populations of Samaipata, Comarapa and Buena Vista. The Municipalities that belong to the National Park Amboro are Buena vista, San Carlos Yapacani, Comarapa, Samaipata, Marrana, Pampa Grande, El Torno and Porongo.

The National Park Amboro is located at the area called Codo de los Andes (Elbow of the Andes), where the mountain Range changes the course toward the South.
Bio-geographically corresponds to the Humedo Montanoso Sub region of Yungas. The flora includes 2,659 registered larger plant species, nevertheless there is an estimation of the existence of more than 3,500 species: Limache, khellu, cebillo, isigo, bilka, bibosi, ambaiba grape, pacay, guitarrrero, clavo rojo, mara, mount pines, walnut and canelon. There is a presence of extensive spots of gigantic arboreal ferns at the Cloudy Forests. Besides the above you can find pachiuva palms, asai and several species of endemic orchids.

In the park there are around 1,236 species of fauna, such us jucumari or eyeglasses bear, jaguar, flag bear, para de copete, paraba militar, paraba frente roja and several species of endemic birds. The communities are located at the North and South edges of the park with scarce population toward the center.

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