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National Park Otuquis - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

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National Park Otuquis
National Park Otuquis National Park Otuquis National Park Otuquis National Park Otuquis

Located to the Southeast of Santa Cruz city, the National Park Otuquis covers the German Bush and Cordillera provinces. The Area is divided into two sectors: the largest one to the South involves the Suarez Port and Charagua municipalities and a smaller zone called Pimiento River at the North of Suarez Port. The Area borders to the South with Paraguay and at the east with Brazil. The National park Otuquis has a total surface of 1.005.950 hectares (10,059 km2). The climate of the park is tropical.

Nine vegetable formations were identified: Forest Saxicola, Low Forest Semideciduo and sub-humid, High Forest Semideciduo and sub-humid of the plains, Forest Semideciduo Absorbent, palm groves of Caranda, curichis or marshy channels, Thicket Chaqueno, low Forest Ripario, aquatic vegetation, pasturelands of semi-height.

Among the species of flora the dominant are: the cuchi, tajibo, verdolago, curupau, alcornoque, cedar, ajo-ajo, bibosi, palm groves of caranda and the motacu. There are 59 species of mammals registered and a high diversity in birds was found, especially large water birds. To date 5 species of greater reptiles and 50 species of fish in the flood plains have been registered.

The Area itself is characterized by scarce population. There are some 18 medium and small stations and some rural communities. The total population to the interior of the Area is estimated at less than 400 inhabitants (70 families).