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Supay Molino Qaqa - Potosi, Potosi

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Supay Molino Qaqa
Supay Molino Qaqa Supay Molino Qaqa Supay Molino Qaqa Supay Molino Qaqa
At Supay Molino Qaqa,(The devil's Mill)the rupestrian paintings are painted over an oblique wall.The surface of this wall seems to be covered by an arenaceous-ferrous type of stone.We can also appreciate very clearly certain geometric figures(straight and curved lines, spirals, circles, multi-form figures, phyto-morphic figures, etc.), zoomorphic representations (Ruminants and Camelidae) and anthropomorphic figures.Through the paintings we can also perceive several different periods of time (from 400 to 6,000 years ago).The paintings have a reddish-purple color and some touches of white,black and yellow.

CALLE 25 de Mayo No. 584
TELÉFONO: (591-4) 4582363
CELULAR: 68583553