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Gold Museum - Isla del Sol, La Paz

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Gold Museum
Gold Museum Gold Museum Gold Museum Gold Museum

The Gold Museum (Museo de Oro) is a small museum located in the North Side of the Sun Island.

The small museum in Challapampa displays Inca treasures, ancient pottery and some metal objects discovered underwater off the island in the last decade. Many of the objects come from Johan Reinhard's underwater research near the northern end of the island, while other have been donated by the people of the Challapampa.

The Gold Museum shows pieces from the underwater city Marka Pampa. The Museum has medallions, vases, puma- faced incense burners and other artifacts of the pre-Inca Tiahuanaco culture recovered there.

The museum is open on an as-needed basis. Ask your guide or people in the community to let you in to see the exhibit. The entrance ticket to costs 10 Bs.- . The ticket also allows you to visit the Rock of the Puma.

The Gold Museum is definitely a must to include in yout visit while to the Sun Island, Bolivia.

To get to the Gold Museum take a Shared or Private boat from Copacabana to the Sun Island. Be sure that the itinerary of the boat covers a stop to the North Side of the Island.