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Mercado de Brujas - La Paz, La Paz

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Mercado de Brujas
Mercado de Brujas Mercado de Brujas Mercado de Brujas Mercado de Brujas

Right in the middle of downtown La Paz, there is the Witches Market. This is one of the main and most impressive attractions within the city limits. This market spreads through three different colonial-style streets, it basically has a series of shops mounted over the sidewalks, some of these shops also have typical, outfits made by hand with completely natural materials (mostly Camelidae and sheep fibers and leather), there are also souvenirs made of gold, silver, bronze and tin of low purity, and other ornaments made of exotic types of wood, carved with ancestral motives and many other things.

This market is located on the following streets: Sagarnaga, Linares, Illampu and this includes some additional alleys and very narrow streets. These streets are next to or around the San Francisco National Cathedral. This area is constantly busy and it has a great flow of tourists, who roam about this endless parade of assorted handcrafts and valuables, shopping and taking pictures for hours at a time.

This area provides an interesting mixture of nature and finely decorated art; the merchants vary from those who sell products meant to be used for traditional rites and ceremonies, which includes medicinal plants, sahumerios (fragrant or aromatic plants or flowers that are burned for religious purposes), koas (medicinal plants) and llama, alpaca and sheep fetuses (used for rituals), all of which in essence provide a picture filled with colors and sounds of pure originality.

Aside from these products, visitors could also choose from an additional variety of different types of services, there are tourist guides that could take you to some of the highest mountains and peaks, or you may find means of transportation to all kinds of destinations anywhere within the country.