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Casa de Murillo - La Paz, La Paz

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Casa de Murillo
Casa de Murillo Casa de Murillo Casa de Murillo Casa de Murillo

Once the home of Don Pedro Domingo Murillo, a leader in the La Paz Revolution of July 16, 1809, the Casa de Murillo displays collections of colonial art and furniture, textiles, medicines, musical instruments and household items of glass and silver that once belonged to Bolivian aristocracy.

Murillo was hanged by the Spanish on January 29, 1810, in the plaza now named after him. The most intriguing painting on display is The Execution of Murillo.

The Murillo house was restored maintaining the original characteristics, nowadays it is a Museum where we can find a colonial art gallery, indigenous masks, Murillo's bedroom completely maintained, the desk or conspiracy saloon, silverwork, Charazani medicinal folklore, ethnography and more.

Murillo House location in La Paz city

The house where Don Pedro Domingo Murillo - a Bolivian Independence martyr - once lived is located in De la Cruz Verde neighborhood, in the north area of La Paz city, specifically at Jaen Street.