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Pilon Lajas Community Land - La Paz y Beni, Beni

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Pilon Lajas Community Land
Pilon Lajas Community Land Pilon Lajas Community Land Pilon Lajas Community Land Pilon Lajas Community Land

The Reserve occupies the Southwestern region of Beni and the Center East of La Paz, in the Provinces Ballivian (Beni) and Sub Yungas, Franz Tamayo (La Paz). It has a surface of 4,000 km2. The climate is especially hot and very humid. The altitude varies between the 3,000 and 250 meters. The reserve is located in the physiographic region of the Sub-Andinic North in transition to the Alluvial Plain of Beni. The hydrography is defined by the river Quiquibey.

It posesses a high diversity of ecosystems. The most important are: Cloudy Forest of Ceja, the Sub-Andinic Rain Forest, the very Humid Forest Pedemontano, the Seasonal Humid Forest basal, Riberenos Forests and marshy palm groves of the royal palm, besides savannahs (in function to the geological substrate) in the chalk of some high mountain ranges.

There are 624 registered species of flora and the existence of 2,500 species of larger plants is estimated. The reserve has a high species diversity of palms: the pachiuva, cup, motacu, several chontas, jatata, the ivory palm, and the asai palm. Also important are the species of valuable woods such as the mara, cedar and the oak tree and others of commercial use such as the palo maria, tajibo and the jatata.

There are 748 registered species of fauna: the jaguar, londra, marimono, pejichi, manechi, black duck, river peta and the black cayman. There are reports of the presence of the jucumari and of the harpy eagle in the high mountain ranges of Muchanes. It is believed thet the Area has more than 700 species, of which 479 are registered. The chimane live in the region the, Moseten, and Pestle, settled in 25 communities composed of dispersed settlements by extensive families.

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