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Riberalta - Beni, Beni

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Riberalta Riberalta Riberalta Riberalta

Named the "Orchid of Manutata", this town is located in the Northwest portion of Bolivia, at the spot where the Beni and Madre de Dios Rivers join. It is the capital city of the Vaca Diez Province from the Department of Beni.

The city is known for having wide corridors, which run parallel to each other, and they are the perfect spots to observe the outlet of both rivers.

This is a perfect place for a variety of activities, such as visiting the centers of chestnut production or the areas where rubber is collected. Visitors can also have a certain amount of contact with indigenous cultures, such as: Ese Ejjas, Tacanas, Cavinenos and Chacobos.

In the surrounding area are the former homes of feudal lords and barracks where chestnut collectors and rubber collectors live and work as well.

Tumichucua Lake

Located at 25 Km. from Riberalta and in the middle of the Amazon forest, there is an overwhelming landscape filled with natural beauty and the beauty of the "Isla de motacues" (Island of the Motacues - Vegetable Oil yielding trees).

Some of the animals of the area include: joches (A species of rodent - Scientific name: Aguti), tatu (species of giant armadillo - Scientific Name: Tatouay), monkeys and squirrels. There is also a huge number of birds, reptiles, alligators, crocodiles and tigers, which can be seen at plain sight swimming near the island.

It is also a perfect place to fish shads, pacus (large river fish), palomitas, pintado, manta-rays and other species of fish native to this area.

Other attractions include the San Jose Lake; the indigenous town of Alto Ivon, which is a great place to start a tour of the Beni, Madre de Dios and Orthon Rivers, this is located in the community of "Las Piedras".

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