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Puente Pompeya - Beni, Beni

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Puente Pompeya
Puente Pompeya Puente Pompeya Puente Pompeya Puente Pompeya

A wooden bridge built in the city of Trinidad to unite a part of the city with the Pompeya neighborhood. There is a rural market that offers to the visitor different products of the place like banana, yucca and other fruits.

It is also recommended to visit the Court of the Judicial district that is known by its old buildings; the Main Square of Trinidad, the Central Market, the car-wash, the monument of Pedro Ignacio Muiba and the monument of jesuit priest Cipriano Barace, founder of Trinidad.

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CALLE 25 de Mayo No. 584
TELÉFONO: (591-4) 4582363
CELULAR: 68583553