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Atractivos turísticos en Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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Destinos Turísticos en Santa Cruz

  1. National Park Amboro

    National Park Amboro
    Santa Cruz

    The National Park Amboro in Bolivia presents a great scenic beauty: deep valleys, the torrential rivers and the water falls. It is located to the West of Santa Cruz, among the Ichilo, Manuel Maria Caballero, Florida and Andres Ibanez provinces.

  2. National Park Noel Kempf Mercado

    National Park Noel Kempf Mercado
    Santa Cruz

    The National Park Noel Kempf Mercado in Santa Cruz, Bolivia has been declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO. The Noel Kempf Mercado park presents an exceptional scenic beauty thanks to large farallones and water falls of the Caparu plateau.

  3. Puerto Suarez

    Puerto Suarez
    Santa Cruz

    Puerto Suarez is the main landmark of the borderline between Brazil and Bolivia, and it is also the starting point of the tour of the Bolivian portion of the Wetlands (Pantanal).

  4. National Park Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco

    National Park Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco
    Santa Cruz

    Natural Park Kaa Iya is the only natural reserve dedicated to the preservation of the Southamerican Chaco, it includes many characteristical ecosystems as well as variety of flora and fauna typical of the area.

  5. National Park Otuquis

    National Park Otuquis
    Santa Cruz

    National Park Otuquis is part of the Pantanal shared with Brasil and Paraguay eventough the smallest part of the Pantanal is in Bolivia it has high importance due the richness of the fauna and flora as well as the beaty of the dried unexplored woods.

  6. San Matias Natural Area

    San Matias Natural Area
    Santa Cruz

    San Matias Natural area is the second in extension in Bolivia, well preserved, lagoons, rivers, variety of flora and fauna, beautiful sunsets, impresive landscapes.

  7. Jesuit Missions

    Jesuit Missions
    Santa Cruz

    The Jesuit missions in Bolivia have remained intact and even after hundreds of years they continue to marvel the visitors. They are located on the eastern lowlands of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, at about 6 hours from the city.

  8. Metropolitan Cathedral

    Metropolitan Cathedral
    Santa Cruz

    The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Cruz was built by Brother Mercedario Diego de Porres during the times of the Spanish Viceroy Toledo. The Metropolitan Cathedral in Santa Cruz is remarkable for its wooden vaults and for the pictorial decoration that covers them.

  9. Museum of Arte Sacro

    Museum of Arte Sacro
    Santa Cruz

    The Cathedral Museum of Sacred Art in Santa Cruz, Bolivia has impressive historical, artistic and material wealth. The silver works show the quality of the craftmanship of the artisans of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

  10. San Andres Church

    San Andres Church
    Santa Cruz

    Iglesia de San Andres (the Church of Saint Andrews) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, has a wooden structure of three vessels, with 18 columns on a masonry stand that is contained inside a wooden pitch.

  11. San Roque Church

    San Roque Church
    Santa Cruz

    Iglesia de San Roque (the Church of San Roque) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is built on wooden pitches, disposed in forms of columns. The temple has three wooden vessels in wooden and external eaves. The roof of tiles rests on a hurdle lattice.

  12. Municipal Zoo

    Municipal Zoo
    Santa Cruz

    The Municipal Zoo in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is one of the most complete zoos in this part of South America with a variety of typical fauna of the region.

  13. Plaza 24 de septiembre

    Plaza 24 de septiembre
    Santa Cruz

    The Plaza 24 de Septiembre main square is one of the most important meeting points of the city of Santa Cruz in Bolivia. Here, a magnificent Cathedral can be found (which has a museum in it), the Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture) and the Palacio Prefectural (Prefecture's Palace).

  14. Parque Arenal

    Parque Arenal
    Santa Cruz

    Parque Arenal in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is a favorite among locals. Parque Arenal surrounds a lagoon and is a perfect place for lounging or taking a stroll. On an island in the middle of the lagoon there is a mural by Santa Cruz-born artist Carlo Lorgio Vaca, famous for his bas-relief murals.

  15. Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden
    Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz in Bolivia is characterized by a diverse natural wealth and one fine example of the area is the Botanical Garden located 5 Km from the city on the road to Cotoca.

  16. Cabanas del Pirai

    Cabanas del Pirai
    Santa Cruz

    The Cabanas del Pirai (Pirai Cabins) are located in the western sector of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, at the end of the Roca Coronado Avenue. The Pirai River is a favorite place for the local people in the hot days of summer

  17. Samaipata

    Santa Cruz

    Near Santa Cruz, Bolivia lie the magnificent ruins of a fortress, known as Fuerte de Samaipata (Samaipata Fortress). Samaipata used to be a fortress of the Kollasuyo Empire.

  18. Camiri

    Santa Cruz

    Camiri in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is located on the shores of the Parapeti River in a small valley surrounded by rolling hills. Camiri is known as the oil capital of Bolivia. Nearby you can visit hot springs and several other rivers and streams.

  19. Montero

    Santa Cruz

    Montero is a city in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Montero has an elevation of 300 meters above sea level and an average temperature of 23 C. The city is predominantly agricultural, producing soybeans, cotton, corn and rice.

  20. Cotoca Sanctuary

    Cotoca Sanctuary
    Santa Cruz

    Cotoca is a small town of Guarani origin located to the East of Santa Cruz in Bolivia. The Sanctuary of the Virgen de Cotoca, a parrish run by Dominican priests, is a beautiful colonial-style church located on the central plaza.

  21. Valle Grande

    Valle Grande
    Santa Cruz

    Vallegrande is a small town in Bolivia, located in the Department of Santa Cruz. It was here in Vallegrande, over 40 years ago, that the corpse of Ernesto Che Guevara lay on display in the hospital laundry.

  22. Los Espejillos

    Los Espejillos
    Santa Cruz

    Los Espejillos is a remote tropical paradise in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. With its sparkling waterfalls and natural pools it is truly a wonder of nature. A series of waterfalls have carved out and filled several deep pools as they cascade downward in step-like fashion, each flowing into the next.

  23. Boat trip in the Amazon region

    Boat trip in the Amazon region
    Santa Cruz

    The Reina de Enin Ecological Cruiser is a riverboat that navigates on the Mamore River, the largest river in Bolivia, and a tributary of the Amazon River. The cruiser offers 2-6 day tours during which time you will be in close contact with wildlife and nature.

  24. La Chiquitania

    La Chiquitania
    Santa Cruz

    La Chiquitania in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is a vast and extraordinary territory in which we are able to admire churches of the Jesuit period and where we find wonderful wood carvings and equally beautiful paintings of saints and scenes of religious life.

  25. San Jose de Chiquitos

    San Jose de Chiquitos
    Santa Cruz

    This Jesuit settlement is the oldest in the area and is very similar to the North Argentinean or Paraguayan missions, However these last missions are now ruins or museums, while San Jose church  still celebrates mass and hosts a very active music school.

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