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Atractivos turísticos en Isla del Sol, Bolivia

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Destinos populares

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Destinos por ciudad

Destinos Turísticos en Isla del Sol

  1. Island of the Sun

    Island of the Sun
    Isla del Sol

    The Island of the Sun is located on the Northwest end of the peninsula of Copacabana, Bolivia. The Island of the Sun has several ancient monuments - The Pilkokaina Palace and the Chinkana or Labyrinth, The Stairway of the Inca, Sacred Fountain Youth and the Incas' Terraces.

  2. Gold Museum

    Gold Museum
    Isla del Sol

    The small museum in Challapampa displays Inca treasures, ancient pottery and some metal objects discovered underwater off the island. Many come from Johan Reinhard's underwater research near the northern end of the island, others have been donated by the people of Challapampa.

  3. Chincana Labyrinth

    Chincana Labyrinth
    Isla del Sol

    About 300 meters southwest of Titikala (Roca Sagrada or Sacred Rock) is an elaborate Inca ruin called the Chincana (the Labyrinth). Also named the Palacio del Inca, or El Laberinto, or labyrinth, these ruins on the top of Isla del Sol form the complex of the Titicaca, or sacred rock.

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