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Destinos por ciudad

Destinos Turísticos en Cochabamba

  1. National Park Carrasco

    National Park Carrasco

    The National Park Carrasco is located to the east of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Carrasco boasts incredible cloud forests and mountain scenery, deep valleys and canyons, torrential rivers, waterfalls, and exuberant vegetation.

  2. National Park Tunari

    National Park Tunari

    The Tunari National Park is located to the West of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The Tunari National Park features Mount Tunari reaching about 5,200 meters and numerous lakes.

  3. Villa Tunari

    Villa Tunari

    Villa Tunari in Tropical Area of Cochabamba is located in the center of Bolivia between the Andes Mountain Range and the lowlands of the Amazon. Enormous ecological diversity is spread all across its rivers and forests.

  4. Cristo de la Concordia

    Cristo de la Concordia

    Perched atop the San Pedro hill in Cochabamba, Bolivia, the 33 m (109 ft) tall statue of the Cristo de la Concordia is the tallest of its kind in the world. Visitors can climb inside up to the arms for a panoramic view of the city of Cochabamba.

  5. Cathedral of Cochabamba

    Cathedral of Cochabamba

    Cathedral of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The facade reflects a mestizo fusion of Spanish Baroque and indigenous architectural styles.

  6. Palacio Portales

    Palacio Portales

    The Palacio Portales (Portales Palace) in Cochabamba, Bolivia, was built between 1915 and 1927. Portales was a residence of Simon Iturri Patino, Bolivian millionaire, called "the tin baron" who controlled over half of the nation's output in the 1930s.

  7. Archeological Museum

    Archeological Museum

    The Archeological Museum of Cochabamba, Bolivia, displays approximately 40,000 archaeological, ethnographic and paleontological pieces mostly from the Department of Cochabamba and some from Bolivia's other regions.

  8. La Recoletta

    La Recoletta

    On the Northern side of the Rio Rocha in Cochabamba, Bolivia is La Recoletta and Avenida Pando. La Recoletta is a modern and chic area and center of nightlife in Cochabamba.

  9. La Cancha

    La Cancha

    One of the biggest attractions in Cochabamba, Bolivia is La Cancha - the city market on the south side of town and the largest open-air market in South America. Clothing, food, souvenirs, or books, the Cancha has it all.

  10. Convento de San Francisco

    Convento de San Francisco

    Cochabamba in Bolivia is home to several Catholic churches including the Convento de San Francisco built in 1607 which is made of rainforest wood and has a gold leaf altar. The Convento de San Francisco is Cochabamba's second-oldest church.

  11. Plaza Colon and El Prado

    Plaza Colon and El Prado

    The Alameda Colonial de Ingavi, was transformed into today's Plaza Colon and the Prado Avenue which is often host to parades and urban recreation in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

  12. Plaza 14 de Septiembre

    Plaza 14 de Septiembre

    The Plaza 14 de Septiembre in Cochabamba, Bolivia is known for its colonial design and extensive history. It hosts incomparable gardens in this city of eternal Spring making this central plaza of Cochabamba a peaceful and inspiring environment.

  13. Pairumani


    Pairumani is located at 21 kilometers from Cochabamba in Bolivia and has an average temperature of 19 C. The Hacienda (farmhouse) of Simon I. Patino, known as the Baron of Tin is found in Pairumani. Pairumani is one of the most attractive places of the central valleys of the area.

  14. Tarata


    Tarata is a town located at 35 kilometers from the city of Cochabambain Bolivia and has a moderate climate of 22 C. Thanks to its well-preserved colonial architecture Tarata remains a popular tourist destination in the valley.

  15. Cliza


    Cliza is a small town located 35 km from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Cliza has a traditional fair on Sundays, with an enormous variety of typical dishes and drinks ("Pichon" (Squab) and "Chicha from Cliza" (Fermented drink made of corn)).

  16. Parque Machia

    Parque Machia

    Parque Machia is located a short walk to the east of Villa Tunari in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia. The topography presents splendid views of the Andean Cordillera Oriental and of the lowland tropical region. The bountiful wildlife and pleasant breeze make this an ecotourism hot spot.

  17. San Rafael Caverns

    San Rafael Caverns

    San Rafael Caverns. Crossing the San Mateo River by a suspended cable car one arrives at a humid mountainous jungle that hides a shallow cave that shelters a remarkable collection of nocturnal birds called "pajaros ciegos" or blind birds.

  18. Incachaca


    Incachaca or "Inca Bridge" is found at 93 Km from the city of Cochabamba in Bolivia. Incachaca hosts beautiful waterfalls, semi-subterranean cascades, and natural springs gurgling with fresh water.

  19. Totora


    Totora is the capital of Carrasco province in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Totora's cobble stoned streets and panorama of red tiled roofs recall Bolivia's colonial and republican past.

  20. Incallajta


    The ruins of Incallajta are located about two hours and fifteen minutes drive or 142 Km from the city of Cochabamba in Bolivia. The great fortress of Incallajta is a testament to the splendor of the Inca Empire, its massive stone constructions covering roughly 12 hectares.

  21. Puerto Villarroel

    Puerto Villarroel

    Puerto Villaroel in Bolivia marks the convergence of the departments of Cochabamba, Beni, and Pando by the rivers Ichilo, Mamore y Madre de Dios. Puerto Villaroel looks like a typical Amazonian port town with small wooden houses and people relaxing outside.

  22. Inka Rakay

    Inka Rakay

    Inka Rakay is a fascinating archeological site at 33 km from the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was built as an Inca stronghold between 1460 and 1470. The site boasts some 17 quadrangular and rectangular buildings, with some round silos.

  23. Tiquipaya


    Tiquipaya in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia is also known as the city of the flowers. Tiquipaya hosts many dairy farmers and is known as a well visited and productive zone with surprising climatic diversity due to valleys, high plains, and sub-tropical regions.

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