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Destinos populares

  • bluetick Titicaca Lake
  • bluetick Tiwanaku
  • bluetick Oruro Carnival
  • bluetick Samaipata
  • bluetick Coroico
  • bluetick Moon Island
  • bluetick Uyuni Salt Flat
  • bluetick Sun Island
  • bluetick Rurrenabaque
  • bluetick Toro Toro
  • bluetick Villa Tunari
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Destinos por ciudad

Lugares Turísticos en La Paz

  1. Tiwanaku


    Las ruinas de Tiwanaku se encuentran cerca de la orilla sureste del lago Titicaca, a unos 72 km (44 millas) al oeste de La Paz, Bolivia. Tiwanaku es un sitio reconocido como Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

  2. Copacabana


    Copacabana es un pequeño pueblo ubicado en la costa boliviana del lago Titicaca. Este es el Copacabana original y un popular destino turístico para viajeros.

  3. Mercado de Brujas

    Mercado de Brujas
    La Paz

    The Witches Market is one of the main and most impressive attractions in La Paz, Bolivia. The Witches Market has shops of typical outfits made by hand with completely natural materials, souvenirs and other ornaments made of exotic types of wood, carved with ancestral motives

  4. Lago Titicaca

    Lago Titicaca

    El Lago Titicaca es el lago navegable más alto del mundo con una altura promedio de 3,810 metros sobre el nivel del mar. El Lago Titicaca es una gran atracción turística para los amantes de la naturaleza.

  5. Parque Nacional Apolobamba

    Parque Nacional Apolobamba
    La Paz

    El Parque Nacional Apolobamba se encuentra al oeste de La Paz, Bolivia y tiene una belleza escénica fantástica debido a las altas montañas cubiertas de nieve: Akamani, Presidente y Katantika.

  6. Parque Nacional Cotapata

    Parque Nacional Cotapata
    La Paz

    El Parque Nacional Cotapata se encuentra al noreste de La Paz, Bolivia. Una de sus mayores atracciones es la ruta precolombina de Chucura o Choro o Camino Inca.

  7. Parque Nacional Madidi

    Parque Nacional Madidi
    La Paz

    El Parque Nacional Madidi se encuentra al noreste de La Paz, Bolivia. Madidi es el área protegida con la mayor diversidad de flora: de 5,000 a 6,000 especies.

  8. La ciudad de La Paz

    La ciudad de La Paz
    La Paz

    La Paz es la capital administrativa de Bolivia. La altitud de la ciudad varía desde aproximadamente 4058 metros (13,313 pies) sobre el nivel del mar en El Alto (donde se encuentra el aeropuerto) hasta 3100 metros (10,170 pies) en la zona residencial más baja. Es la capital nacional más alta del mundo.

  9. Valle de la Luna

    Valle de la Luna
    La Paz

    The Valley of the Moon is located at about 5 kilometers from La Paz, Bolivia. The scenery is formed by rocky formations, which gives an eerie sensation of being on another planet or the moon.

  10. Illimani

    La Paz

    Illimani is the highest peak (6,438 metres or 21,122 ft) in the Cordillera Real (part of the Cordillera Oriental, a subrange of the Andes) of western Bolivia. It lies just south of La Paz at the eastern edge of the Altiplano.

  11. Coroico


    Coroico in the Yungas of Bolivia is a great place to spend a night before heading up to La Paz, or further into the Jungle.

  12. Yungas


    La región de Yungas se encuentra a casi tres horas de La Paz, Bolivia. El paisaje es una combinación de laderas verdes, precipicios, ríos, cascadas y vegetación moderada.

  13. Isla del Sol

    Isla del Sol
    Isla del Sol

    La Isla del Sol se encuentra en el extremo noroeste de la península de Copacabana, Bolivia. La Isla del Sol tiene varios monumentos antiguos: el Palacio Pilkokaina y el Chinkana o Laberinto, La Escalera de los Incas, la Fuente Sagrada de la Juventud y las Terrazas de los Incas.

  14. Isla de la Luna

    Isla de la Luna

    The Island of the Moon (Koati) is located at 7 Km. from the Island of the Sun. The ruins of the Inak Uyu (Palace or Temple of the Moon) are found here.

  15. Calle Jaen

    Calle Jaen
    La Paz

    Calle Jaen in La Paz, Bolivia has been preserved from its Spanish days, and is home to 10 interesting museums clustered together. Calle Jaen is La Paz's finest colonial street, and the museums can easily be bundled into one visit.

  16. Casa de Murillo

    Casa de Murillo
    La Paz

    Once the home of Don Pedro Domingo Murillo, a leader in the La Paz Revolution of July 16, 1809, in Bolivia, the Casa de Murillo displays collections of colonial art and furniture, textiles, medicines, musical instruments and household items of glass and silver that once belonged to Bolivian aristocracy.

  17. Cathedral and Plaza Murillo

    Cathedral and Plaza Murillo
    La Paz

    Plaza Murillo in La Paz, Bolivia, holds the Presidential Palace, and in the center of Plaza Murillo, opposite, stands a statue of President Gualberto Villarroel. The Cathedral was built in 1835 on a steep hillside and the main entrance is 12m higher than its base on Calle Potosi.

  18. Coca Museum

    Coca Museum
    La Paz

    The Coca Museum in La Paz, Bolivia explores the sacred leaf's role in traditional societies, its use by the soft-drink and pharmaceutical industries and the growth of cocaine as an illicit drug.

  19. Flower Market

    Flower Market
    La Paz

    The Flower Market in La Paz, Bolivia, appropriately located opposite the cemetery at the top of Batista, is a beautiful splash of color amid one of the city's drabber and less safe areas.

  20. Iglesia de San Francisco

    Iglesia de San Francisco
    La Paz

    The hewed stone basilica of San Francisco in La Paz, Bolivia, reflects an appealing blend of 16th-century Spanish and mestizo (indigenous-Spanish) trends. The cloisters and garden of the recently opened Museo San Francisco, adjacent to the basilica, beautifully revive the history and art of La Paz's landmark.

  21. La Paz Cemetery

    La Paz Cemetery
    La Paz

    In La Paz Cemetery, as in most Latin American cemeteries, bodies are buried in the traditional Western way or placed in a crypt.

  22. Lucha Libre

    Lucha Libre
    La Paz

    One one of the most popular local attractions in El Alto, Bolivia, is the Lucha Libre, or wrestling matches, where theatrical males and acrobatic cholitas play to the crowds.

  23. 16 de Julio Market

    16 de Julio Market
    La Paz

    When visiting La Paz, Bolivia, for an excellent market experience don't miss the massive Mercado 16 de Julio, which stretches for many blocks along the main thoroughfare and across Plaza 16 de Julio. This shopaholic's paradise has absolutely everything, from food and electronics, to vehicles and animals.

  24. Mercado Negro

    Mercado Negro
    La Paz

    The Mercado Negro in La Paz, Bolivia, is the place to pick up undocumented merchandise, much of it bootlegged, and just about anything else you may hope for.

  25. Chacaltaya

    La Paz

    En lo alto de los Andes, lejos del ajetreo y el bullicio de La Paz, se encuentra una estación de esquí hermosa pero misteriosa, una vez famosa por ser la pista de esquí de más alto rendimiento en el mundo.

  26. Winter Solstice - Aymara's New Year

    Winter Solstice - Aymara's New Year

    The winter solstice is celebrated in Tiwanaku Town every June 21st. This date marks the Aymara New Year or Machaj Mara and it also marks the beginning of a new agricultural year.

  27. Huatajata Community

    Huatajata Community
    La Paz

    Huatajata is an indigenous aymara community conformed by 11 communities and it's one of the most important tourist areas in the occident of Bolivia.

  28. Gold Museum

    Gold Museum
    Isla del Sol

    The small museum in Challapampa displays Inca treasures, ancient pottery and some metal objects discovered underwater off the island. Many come from Johan Reinhard's underwater research near the northern end of the island, others have been donated by the people of Challapampa.

  29. Chincana Labyrinth

    Chincana Labyrinth
    Isla del Sol

    About 300 meters southwest of Titikala (Roca Sagrada or Sacred Rock) is an elaborate Inca ruin called the Chincana (the Labyrinth). Also named the Palacio del Inca, or El Laberinto, or labyrinth, these ruins on the top of Isla del Sol form the complex of the Titicaca, or sacred rock.

  30. Camino de la Muerte

    Camino de la Muerte
    La Paz

    Conoce el Camino de la Muerte, una carretera que conecta La Paz, capital de Bolivia, con la región de los Yungas, un sendero que, en las últimas décadas, se ha ganado la fama del camino más mortal del planeta.