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Rurrenabaque Short description and top destinations.

Trinidad Short description and top destinations.

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Destinos por ciudad

Top 10 Destinos Turísticos en Beni, Bolivia

  1. Rurrenabaque


    Rurrenabaque (o simplemente Rurre) es un pueblo pequeño (población 15,000) a orillas del Río Beni en la cuenca amazónica boliviana. Los viajes a la jungla en el cercano Parque Nacional Madidi son las principales atracciones.

  2. Riberalta


    Riberalta is located in the Northwest portion of Bolivia, at the spot where the Beni and Madre de Dios Rivers join. Tourist activities include visiting the centers of chestnut production or the areas where rubber is collected and contact with indigenous culture.

  3. Trinidad Cathedral

    Trinidad Cathedral

    Built in 1931 in academic style. This church was mostly built with rubble, but it does have several valuable objects considered antiques and also because of their artistic characteristics. Some interesting pieces worth mentioning include paintings such as 'Nuestra Senora de Belen' (Our Lady from Bethlehem), which was made by artisans from Cuzco and 'El Nacimiento del Nino Dios' (The Birth of the Infant God), painted in Guamaga

  4. Anillo de Circunvalacion

    Anillo de Circunvalacion

    A construction made of stone and concrete of approximately a meter wide by two meters high that surrounds the city of Trinidad to avoid floods during the rainy season.

  5. Casco Viejo

    Casco Viejo

    In the north part is the old side of the city of Trinidad which has constructions from the colonial period. Its wide paved streets and wide corridors protect people from the strong solar rays characteristic of the tropical climate.

  6. Loma Suarez

    Loma Suarez

    Loma Suarez (Suarez Hill) is located 12 Km Northwest from Trinidad, at almost 8 Km from 'Puerto Ballivian' (Port Ballivian), on the shores of the Ibare River, a whitewater river of warm temperature. Here visitors can see an exuberant landscape inhabited by all kinds of birds and animals.

  7. Loma Chuchini

    Loma Chuchini

    Located at 8 Km from Loma Suarez, Loma Chuchini exhibits a landscape typical of a tropical jungle. Chuchini means 'the tiger's den', mostly because in this area there are lots of felines of this kind. Loma Chuchini has 90 species of birds and animals, more than 100 species of flowers and 15 families of fish. It is considered to be a natural sanctuary of birds, macaws and herons. This is a perfect place for a photographic safari.

  8. San Ignacio de Moxos

    San Ignacio de Moxos

    This is the folkloric capital of Beni. Throughout the whole year sports like swimming, water ski, fishing and hiking can be practiced. This town is famous for its annual festival in which the residents dress as bulls and mamas and head for the main streets in devotion to San Ignacio. During the festivity the macheteros and groups of musicians participate with fantastic musical instruments made by themselves. It is a party filled with joy and colors that the visitor cannot miss.

  9. Guayaramerin


    Guayaramerin is the main port of the Bolivian north. For a gastronomic delight, it is possible to taste delicious plates of fish.

  10. Santa Ana de Yacuma

    Santa Ana de Yacuma

    Santa Ana of Yacuma is known as the cattle capital of Beni, with green prairies suitable for agricultural activity and raising cattle. The suburban area is a tourist attraction because its rivers are ideal for sport fishing.