This tour takes you to the ancient ritual city of Tiwanaku. The Aymara New Year is celebrated at sunrise on June 21st every year. Take part of the Sun Return Ceremony or Willkakuti surrounded by native aymara indians and receive the first rays of the Aymara new year.


Tiwanaku Winter Solstice Tour, Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Tiwanaku Winter Solstice Tour, Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Tiwanaku Winter Solstice Tour, Tiwanaku, Bolivia


June 20

22:00 Gathering at the departure point in Bolivia square in La Paz city.

22:30 Travel towards Tiwanaku town by bus.

23:30 Arrival to Tiwanaku town and accommodation in the resting area at Tiahuanaco Hotel.

June 21

00.30 Dance Bonfire with the Saya Afro Boliviana group.

04.30 We will proceed to hand our sponsors presents and entrance ticket to Tiwanaku ruins.

05.00 We will enter to Tiwanaku ruins and we will make a tour by the archeological complex.

06.15 Sunrise, sun appearance and ritual dances.

07.30 Gathering at the resting are in Tiahuanaco Hotel.

08.30 Return to La Paz city.

10.00 Arrival to our final stop at San Francisco Church.

End of our services

¿Qué incluye el tour?:

  • Transportation in/out in private theme buses
  • Family bus
  • Run bus
  • Beer Bus
  • T.V. DVD. Microphone
  • First-aid kit
  • Oxigen tank
  • SOAT, Fire extinguisher
  • Entrance ticket to the Tiwanaku ruins
  • Hot drinks available
  • Andean breakfast
  • Dance bonfire with Saya
  • AfroBoliviana group and electronic party at DJS AND VJS Salon
  • DVD with pictures and videos of the tour
  • Souvenirs
  • Private security
  • Permanent Driver/Guide
  • Not included

  • Services not mentioned in the
  • itinerary
  • Airfares

Ubicación y Mapa

The tour takes place in the Tiwanaku ruins, situated one kilometer away from Tiwanaku town and 71 kilometers away from La Paz city center.

Tiwanaku is the Andean ritual city where the Willkakuti or Return of the Sun Ceremony takes place at the sunrise of June 21st. The Andean priests will perform ancient ceremonies celebrating the Aymara New Year.

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