Chapare Tour

3 days

Chapare Tour
Chapare Tour
Chapare Tour

The tour will take a place at Chapare area that is located 11 km east from Cochabamba city. It's a popular tourist destination. The majority of the territory consists of tropical rainforests surrounded by main waterway areas. It is the perfect place for tourists looking for an eco-friendly experience.




Day 1

  • Departure towards Villa Tunari very early in the morning (Please let us know if you want us to pick you up from your hotel)
  • In the route we will make two stops one at Corani Reservoir, and the other at Paraiso Lagoon, after enjoying a typical lunch we will visit Machia Park
  • Once the tour goes along to Machia Park you will observe different monkey species (spider monkey, titi, etc.) besides other species
  • We will continue our tour by trekking towards a superb viewpoint to enjoy wonderful pan views of Villa Tunari Town, San Mateo and Espiritu Santo rivers and a side of the oriental mountain range covered by exuberant vegetation
Day 2
  • We will enjoy a delicious breakfast and we will departure towards Carrasco National Park where we will visit the caves to observe different bat species and also the "Guacharos" blind birds
  • Along our journey we will visit a traditional coca leave plantation; after lunch we will visit the Etno-Eco Touristy Museum "El Orquidiario" where we will observe several orchids species, flowers and native species from Cochabamba tropical area. Besides we will have a great time visiting "Socavon" Eco touristic Park
Day 3
  • We will offer two options a canoeing trip by Chapare River or Rafting by Chapare River along the morning
  • After Lunch we will enjoy a swimming pool time to freshen up
  • Return to Cochabamba city

El precio del Tour incluye:

Chapare's Tour Includes:
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Meals ( Half board)
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fee
Doesn't include:
  • Right to use cameras or video cameras
  • Nothing that is not specified in the package
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